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menu Zeducorp's menu web sites provide easy access to selected business, consumer, home and garden, and map web sites.  Visitors to these menus can learn about typical business-to-business transactions and how they differ from common business-to-consumer transactions.  Visitors to our home and garden menu can learn about products and services that relate to homes and gardens, while visitors to our map menu can find reference maps of the world, its continents, and its major countries.

Our Business to Business Menu focuses on products and services that businesses typically purchase from other businesses.  The B2B menu enables businesspeople to find information about, and vendors of, products such as office furniture, furniture and telecommunications equipment as well as financial services, marketing services, and commercial real estate.

Our Business to Consumer Menu focuses on products and services that consumers typically purchase from businesses.  The B2C menu enables consumers to find information about, and suppliers of, products such as consumer electronics, motor vehicles, sporting goods, and residential real estate.

Our Home and Garden Menu focuses on products and services that are of interest to homemakers, home owners, and gardeners.  The HG menu enables people to find information about topics such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, home appliances, lawn maintenance, and lighting products.

Our Map Menu enables students and travelers to find political maps, relief maps, and topographical maps as well as geographical information, travel photos, and tourist destinations about the earth's continents and selected nations.

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