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video camera on red background A video is a recording, shot with a video camera, of moving visual images; a movie is a video that tells a story or documents an event.  A video clip is a contiguous recording of a particular scene.  Video clips can be edited and combined to create a complete video production.  Today, videos are usually recorded digitally; modern digital camcorders and digital video editing software have greatly facilitated the video production process.

Video clips that illustrate activities, concepts, locations, or processes are an important component of many Zeducorp websites.  For instance, a video may depict someone engaging in a recreational activity, express an abstract idea via animation, pan across a city skyline, or demonstrate some manufacturing process.  Each video clip has been carefully recorded or selected to complement the text and still images of the web page on which it is placed.

With the multitude of video file formats, video player software, and web-enabled devices, it is difficult to self-host videos online with a high level of cross-platform compatibility.  The development and adoption of HTML5 has ameliorated this situation, but many website developers still prefer to host their videos on services like Youtube and Vimeo.  Our video portfolios, comprising self-produced and licensed assets, can be viewed on these Vimeo Pro portfolio pages:

Our remaining video assets have not been classified into video portfolios.

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Zeducorp Video Review Pages