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Zeducorp is a professional consulting firm that was founded in 1983 to provide software design and development services for IBM and Zenith personal computers.  During the 1980s, Zeducorp staff developed a series of commercial software applications using the Digital Research PL/I-86 compiler, the Microsoft QuickBasic compiler, and the Microsoft Visual Basic language.  Our current expertise includes relational database design and programming for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS platforms, as well as responsive web design and targeted website promotion for the World Wide Web.  For website development, we use client-side tools such as HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS, as well as server-side tools such as PHP and MySQL.  On each website we develop, we include useful, original content plus relevant digital images.

www - world wide web consulting Over the past thirty years, we have specialized in multi-user relational database design and development for Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows servers using Data Access' DataFlex tools and in web database development using Miva server-side scripting tools.  During the last twenty years, as the Internet has become an important public forum, we have focused increasingly on website development for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome web browsers.  We also provide targeted marketing services for websites using content optimization, social networking media, relevant directory inclusions, and pay per click tools such as Google's AdWords.  We offer ongoing support to our clients.

During the last ten years, small mobile devices such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and mobile Internet devices (MIDs) have become popular tools for accessing the World Wide Web via wireless connections.  Most of our websites, with their conservative use of CSS and Javascript, work well with these early mobile devices.  Our Link Tags portal is particularly well-suited to browsing the web on a basic mobile device.  More recently, we have adopted responsive design techniques to accommodate smart phones and tablets that include full-featured web browsers and high-resolution displays.

Our map publishing division features a selection of printable, online maps of the continents and major countries as well as the 50 states of the USA.  The United States Map website features political maps, highway maps, and topographical maps of the entire country and its regions.
Our website directory division publishes a Regional Business Directory plus two searchable information directories.
  • A Directory features a good selection of English-language websites that may be useful to Internet users in the United States of America.  The websites are organized in a carefully designed taxonomy with topical categories such as Arts, Education, and Science as well as regional categories for the fifty states and most populous cities in the USA.  Webmasters and website owners are encouraged to submit quality websites for editorial review and possible inclusion in this United States-focused web directory.
  • Local Directory features a top level category structure consisting of the 50 states in the USA.  Within each state category, directory users will find state land area, population trend, and population density statistics, as well as ten subcategories pertaining to businesses and other organizations in that state.  Website owners and webmasters can suggest websites whose content pertains to specific states in the United States of America.

Our Chosen Sites division features selected goods and services websites that are targeted to the United States market.  Each niche website typically features a topical overview plus links to consumer information, manufacturers, and shopping.
Our Web Site Tools division is a provider of web site development, promotion, tracking and management tools.  Of special interest is our unique HTML Colors tool, which features movable, resizable swatches of the 216 'safe' HTML colors.  These colors were suggested as a World Wide Web standard some years ago, when Microsoft and Apple operating systems each reserved about 20 different system colors and computer display adapters often supported only 256 colors (especially at higher resolutions).
Our Pay Per Click Tools division features several online advertising tools that can reach target audiences efficiently and build website traffic quickly.
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