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customer service concepts Zeducorp's service offerings include custom database software development for local area networks (LANs) and web sites, as well as web site design and development, targeted web site marketing, and webmaster tools.  Our staff is skilled in the use of HTML, Javascript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in addition to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  One of our staff members has an extensive background in systems analysis, computer programming, and web design; another has training and experience in digital photography and graphic design.

Pay Per Click Tools focuses on several economical Internet advertising tools that reach target audiences efficiently and build web site traffic quickly.  This site features a table of selected pay per click search engines.  In conjunction with this web site, we provide pay per click advertising services to selected clients, primarily in New Jersey and the New York City metro area.

Web Site Tools features the complementary HTML Colors tool and highlights a series of professional web site development, promotion, tracking, and management tools.  These hosted webmaster tools can help web developers design user-friendly sites, deploy those sites more quickly, and promote them more efficiently.

  • HTML Colors - Movable, resizable, color swatches.
  • BoardServer - Interactive message board service.
  • Counter - Web page hit counter.
  • EZpolls - Visitor survey and polling service.
  • Guestbook - Fully customizable guest book.
  • SiteMiner - Web site search engine.
  • SubmitWizard - Web site submission service.
  • SuperStats - The web's site tracking authority.
  • WatchDog - 24-hour site monitoring service.

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